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Ido Golding

Professor of Biological Physics
Affiliate Professor, Microbiology

Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor, Physics
Professor, Bioengineering
Affiliate, Microbiology
Affiliate, Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology

Recent Publications

Pountain, A. W., Jiang, P., Yao, T., Homaee, E., Guan, Y., McDonald, K. J. C., Podkowik, M., Shopsin, B., Torres, V. J., Golding, I., & Yanai, I. (2024). Transcription–replication interactions reveal bacterial genome regulation. Nature, 626(7999), 661-669.

Bano, R., Mears, P., Golding, I., & Chemla, Y. R. (2023). Flagellar dynamics reveal fluctuations and kinetic limit in the Escherichia coli chemotaxis network. Scientific reports, 13(1), Article 22891.

Ciolli Mattioli, C., Eisner, K., Rosenbaum, A., Wang, M., Rivalta, A., Amir, A., Golding, I., & Avraham, R. (2023). Physiological stress drives the emergence of a Salmonella subpopulation through ribosomal RNA regulation. Current Biology, 33(22), 4880-4892.e14.

Bowling, E. A., Wang, J. H., Gong, F., Wu, W., Neill, N. J., Kim, I. S., Tyagi, S., Orellana, M., Kurley, S. J., Dominguez-Vidaña, R., Chung, H. C., Hsu, T. Y. T., Dubrulle, J., Saltzman, A. B., Li, H., Meena, J. K., Canlas, G. M., Chamakuri, S., Singh, S., ... Westbrook, T. F. (2021). Spliceosome-targeted therapies trigger an antiviral immune response in triple-negative breast cancer. Cell, 184(2), 384-403.e21.

Yao, T., Coleman, S., Nguyen, T. V. P., Golding, I., & Igoshin, O. A. (2021). Bacteriophage self-counting in the presence of viral replication. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 118(51), Article e2104163118.

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