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Jeffrey F. Gardner

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Contact Information

601 South Goodwin Avenue
601 S Goodwin
M/C 110
Urbana, IL 61801
Professor Emeritus of Microbiology

Research Description

The Gardner lab conducted research in the mechanism of site-specific recombination by bacteriophages and conjugative transposons and mechanisms of protein recognition of DNA.


B.A. (Biology), Boston University, 1969
Ph.D. (Biology), Marquette University, 1975
Postdoctoral (Biochemistry), University of Wisconsin, 1975-1977

Highlighted Publications

Representative Publications

Keeton, C. M. and Gardner, J. F. (2012). “The Roles of Exc Protein and DNA Homology in the CTnDOT Excision Reaction.” J. Bacteriology (In Press).

Kim, S. and Gardner, J. F. (2011). “Resolution of Holliday Junction Recombination Intermediates by Wild Type and Mutant IntDOT Proteins.” J. Bacteriology 193: 1351 – 1358.

Laprise, J., Yoneji, S. and Gardner, J. (2009). “Homology-Dependent Interactions Determine the Order of Strand Exchange by IntDOT Recombinase.” Nucleic Acids Research 38, 958 – 969.

Kim, S., Swalla, B. M. and Gardner, J. F. (2009). “A Structure-Function Analysis of IntDOT.” J. Bacteriol. 192, 575 - 586.

Wood, M. M., DiChiara, J. M., Yoneji, S. and Gardner, J. F. (2010). “CTnDOT Integrase Interactions with Attachment Site DNA and the Control of Directionality of the Recombination Reaction.” J. Bacteriol. 192, 3934 – 3943.

Malanowska, K., Cioni. J., Swalla, B., Salyers, A. and Gardner, J. F. (2009) “Mutational Analysis and Homology-Based Modeling of the IntDOT Core-Binding Domain.”  J. Bacteriol. 191, 2330-2339.

Rajeev, L., Malanowska, C. and Gardner, J. F. (2009).  “Challenging a Paradigm:  The Role of Homology in Tyrosine Recombinase Reactions.”  MMBC 73, 300 – 309.

Rajeev, L., A. M. Segall, and J. F. Gardner. 2007. The Bacteroides NBU1 Integrase performs a homology independent strand exchange to form a Holliday junction intermediate. J Biol Chem 282:31228-31237.