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Samy Meroueh

Chemical Biology and Cancer Drug Discovery Laboratory
Professor of Biochemistry
Phil and Ann Sharp Scholar in Cancer Drug Discovery
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
321 Roger Adams Laboratory Building
600 South Mathews Avenue
Urbana, IL 61801

Additional Campus Affiliations

Recent Publications

Brenner, R. J., Landgraf, A. D., Bum-Erdene, K., Gonzalez-Gutierrez, G., & Meroueh, S. O. (2023). Crystal Packing Reveals a Potential Autoinhibited KRAS Dimer Interface and a Strategy for Small-Molecule Inhibition of RAS Signaling. Biochemistry, 62(22), 3206-3213.

Bum-Erdene, K., Ghozayel, M. K., Zhang, M. J., Gonzalez-Gutierrez, G., & Meroueh, S. O. (2023). Chloroacetamide fragment library screening identifies new scaffolds for covalent inhibition of the TEAD·YAP1 interaction. RSC Medicinal Chemistry, 14(9), 1803-1816.

Bum-Erdene, K., Yeh, I. J., Gonzalez-Gutierrez, G., Ghozayel, M. K., Pollok, K., & Meroueh, S. O. (2023). Small-Molecule Cyanamide Pan-TEAD·YAP1 Covalent Antagonists. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 66(1), 266-284.

Hussain, M. S., Liu, D., Alilain, W. J., & Meroueh, S. O. (2023). Covalent Fragment Inhibits RhoA Activation by Guanine Exchange Factors. ACS Chemical Neuroscience, 14(14), 2509-2516.

Landgraf, A. D., Yeh, I. J., Ghozayel, M. K., Bum-Erdene, K., Gonzalez-Gutierrez, G., & Meroueh, S. O. (2023). Exploring Covalent Bond Formation at Tyr-82 for Inhibition of Ral GTPase Activation. ChemMedChem, 18(16), Article e202300272.

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